Alderidon Wolves

An entitled prince. A patient mentor. A dwarf of prophecy planning to conquer the world.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 158
Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


Waydsyn Scot was privileged. He was nephew to the King, had a beautiful girlfriend waiting for him back home, and had his life set. All he had to do was stay out of trouble and finish his military tour.

Owen Delmsmith was Wayd’s best friend. He was wise-cracking, loved gambling and girls, had a talent of avoiding work, and an uncanny ability of finding trouble.

When they’re caught trying to steal draestl, they’re almost discharged from the military. But instead, they’re reassigned to guard a caravan heading to a nearby border city. They thought it would be a routine assignment.

But when they encounter a ravaged caravan, they uncover a plot that will threaten all of Ardonor…

…Thraegar Thornclaw is real. He’s uniting the dwarves. And he’s coming for Waydsyn Scot.