All Jacked Up

It's gonna be one of those nights...
Pages: 184
Alien Invasion | Colonization | Space Exploration


Drinks after work with a lady of the night who doubles as the woman of his dreams.

Tinker can think of no better way to celebrate getting fired from another job. Again.

Until her roommate turns up missing and he volunteers to hunt her down. Anything to get one step closer to his girl’s heart.

If you can’t trust a hooker, who can you trust? Betrayed, backstabbed and sold out, can Tinker find ¬†a way out of this new jam without getting popped out of an airlock?

Fans of THE DIPOLE SERIES are gonna love the next installment of the science fiction comedy adventure because the haplas pilot turned accidental hero may learn there’s no such thing as a heart of gold. But if there was, Mr. Kim might hire him to find it.