An Ex in the Puzzle

Welcome to Langsdale, Nevada where PI Tracy Belden and her circle of family and friends mix movies, games, and puzzles with a hint of murder.
Genre: Library | Mystery
Pages: 374
Cozy Mystery | Women Sleuths


I’m Tracy Belden, crossword puzzle creator and PI. I’m also a suspect in the murder of my ex-husband’s second wife. As if that’s not enough trouble, my 11-year-old son and 70-something landlady decide to save me by solving the case. I’m determined to keep them out of harm’s way, except they refuse to cooperate.

Then my son went missing. Of course, I ran from the police to look for him. Who knew the police would take it personally? I was going to come back. Now I’m running out of time. Can I find out who killed wifey-number-two without my sidekicks? Or will I be solving my next crossword puzzle from the inside of a jail cell?