Apocalypse Earth

Apocalyptic fiction, survival journey, with a hint of romance. The alien apocalypse crashed his world to take human slaves. He wasn’t going to allow them to take him, but he has a long, hard road to salvation…
Pages: 178
Alien Invasion | Space Marine


He was middle-aged, overweight and alone. The aliens didn’t care, they came to harvest the human slaves for market. Any humans they couldn’t sell, they fed to their animals.

And, people were being harvested by the tens of millions.

He narrowly escaped… just barely. His hard apocalyptic survival journey started – a journey to safety and a journey to test his soul. He would need to learn to master, not just the elements, but how to evade those humans… who were hunting other humans.

And, he would need to learn to hide from the one alien desperately searching for him, bent on retribution for what he’d stolen.

William Theodore Benson worked his way West toward a safe-zone and fought through hard lessons and attackers bent on killing him at every turn… until the final battle that will surprise you. This apocalyptic fiction and survival romance has something for everyone.