Alex Keener's journey confronts the darkest fears of dystopian literature, revealing the resilience of the human spirit even in the face of world-shattering catastrophes
Pages: 266
Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic | Dystopian


In the oppressive depths of Bunker 108, Alex Keener has spent all of his sixteen years hidden away from a world shredded by the cataclysmic impact of the meteor Ragnarok. A life lived between cold metal walls, among a sea of familiar faces, bound by unwavering rules. But when a viral cataclysm claws its way into the bunker’s confines, he is thrust out of his safe haven.

The outside world, a cruel remnant of a past he’s never known, is a testament to the terrifying force of Ragnarok that struck three decades ago. The world has become a hostile wasteland, a battlefield where each breath is a brutal struggle for survival. A land not only scarred but haunted by monstrous entities birthed from the meteor’s wrath.

As Alex traverses this unforgiving and desolate land, he must confront a brutal reality where the stakes are not just survival, but the very essence of humanity. Can Alex rise above this desolation, or will he succumb, becoming another casualty of this post-Ragnarok existence? With every step, he must redefine his limits and challenge the monstrous threats lurking in this new age of darkness and despair.