Arch Allies

When life hands you a starship, take it!
Pages: 192
Space Fleet | Space Opera


Experience has taught smuggler Natasha Orlov one thing —the universe will kick you when you’re down. Why does nothing ever come easy? Not friends, not jobs, and certainly not money. So when she stumbles onto a starship buried in a sea of sand, she’s not about to let it slip through her fingers. This is her shot at climbing out of the black hole of her past.

Too bad her past is a moving target.

A ghostly mercenary with muscles and brains stakes a claim, blowing her plan to smithereens and forcing her into a battle of wits and wills that tests her courage. And her patience.

Then the Feds start sniffing around.

The clock is ticking, but abandoning ship isn’t an option. Which means trusting the one person guaranteed to stab her in the back. Why does the universe have such a wicked sense of humor?