As Sick As Our Secrets

Could you keep a secret from a gangster?
Genre: Thriller
Series: Sophie Brown
Pages: 285
Psychological Thriller


Sophie used to be fearful, with a troubled past. Now, she’s a confident young woman helping others turn their lives around –
or is she?

A nasty surprise awaits her after the funeral of a friend and she soon finds out that nothing is as it seems.

Caught up in the dark world of gangsters and villains in the heart of Manchester she attempts to find Cassie’s killer. Following a trail of lies and deceit, she gets so wrapped up delving into the lives of others she doesn’t notice her own life falling apart, back into the grips of addiction.

Can romance blossom for Sophie after all the mistakes she has made in the past, or will her only comfort be drink? Things never end up the way she intends.

Fans of Willow Rose, Casey Kelleher and Mandasue Heller will be gripped by this tense, addictive series with its twists and turns.

This is a dark noir psychological thriller and is the second in Diane Ezzard’s Sophie Brown Mystery Series but it can be read as a standalone.