Fans of Robin Hobb and N. K. Jemisin will fall hard for Davila’s Sky Seekers series!
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 705
Coming of Age | Epic Fantasy


With his oath of service shattered, Shorn soldier Jhared Denaban flees his country, seeking a new purpose and a place to belong. But Jhared has learned the hard lesson of a man raised in two worlds: he fits in nowhere and is trusted by no one. Betrayed by his own kind, he seeks the mercy of Mayavana, a woman who knows the anguish of life on the borders. When Jhared’s desire for justice ensnares them both in a plot that echoes the horrors of the past, he must find a way to escape or become the weapon that will annihilate every soul from the Paths.

Lady Nemiah freed Jhared of his chains hoping to use his strength to slow the world’s unraveling. Now Jhared is gone and the Council of Clans is going to punish Nemiah for her crime. To pacify the council, she agrees to travel to Sahiste, where she has the chance to end generations of violence. To begin the healing process, however, Nemiah must sacrifice herself to those who demand reparation.