When Dan Luker left Earth in 2070 on humankind’s first interstellar sleeper ship, the Juno Ark, he didn’t expect this. No one did
Series: Home Planet
Pages: 146
Dystopian | Hard Science Fiction | Space Exploration


He wakes up alone on a damaged ship in the darkness of space, surrounded by death. The former LA cop had left his past behind to become a pioneer on Aura—the closest confirmed habitable planet, sixteen light-years away. He and the other twelve-thousand colonists had set off full of hope, ready to rebuild a better world on the Second Earth. Now only destruction and the bodies of his friends surround him. How long has he been in stasis? Where is the Juno Ark in the vastness of space? And what the hell happened?
What Luker uncovers is a shocking history that will redefine his reality.