Battle On The Marathon

UPDATED 7-18-2017 in preparation for the audio version launch! Audio version is narrated by the excellent Chuck DiMaria.
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 489
Colonization | Space Marine


The Colony Ship Marathon left a dying Earth on a generations long voyage to another planet. Inside its giant biomes were people who would spend their entire lives during that flight. They knew that their descendants would be the people who would arrive at the destination world. Life in those biomes was as close to life on Earth as possible, including ecologies, plants, animals, and families. In its own way, those biomes were idyllic. Additionally, tens of thousands of people would make the journey in suspended animation to be awakened on the destination planet.
During the long journey, something went wrong. Something else was on the Marathon. This book chronicles the life of one habitat dweller, Kalju, as he becomes aware of his role in what is taking place.
How will the battle on the Marathon end?