Beachside Bakery

Their breakup left two shattered hearts. When a chance encounter brings them back together, can they whip up a new batch of romance?
Genre: Library | Romance
Pages: 222
Contemporary Romance


Noah Barrett has run out of options. In desperate need of help raising his turbulent teen daughter, the forty-year-old marine scientist plans to move them both to another state to be closer to his mother. But when they take a summer detour to a Florida beach rental for some bonding, he’s shocked to stumble across his still-stunning high school sweetheart.

Kathryn Hart is determined to turn life’s lemons into sugary delights. Regretful she left her first love at her mom’s urging, the widowed bakery owner’s heart catches fire when her former fiancé unexpectedly walks back into her life. But elbow deep in freakish disasters, pastry chef divas, and irresponsible employees, she hardly has time to face old hurts and longings.

Torn between chasing the-one-that-got-away and fulfilling his plans, Noah can’t escape his emotions when his kid takes a job working for the beautiful baker. And as Kathryn tries to focus on building five-star success, she fears falling again for her irresistible ex will only bring grief when his vacation ends.

Will their reunion turn into a final goodbye or a sweet forever?