Beginnings : The Kyprian Prophecy

“Only a fool can’t understand that there cannot be light without the darkness, and that power lies in harnessing the very thing people are scared of.”
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 86
Sword & Sorcery


As a silver-eyes Laha has an extraordinary ability to harness the power within nature. She is also a royal companion to the Kengian Princess Mary, and with all of Kypria finally at peace Laha should be content…but she is far from it.

Laha has lost her powers and a darkness claws away inside her. She doesn’t fit in at the Lamorian court, nor does she want to. She yearns for a life of excitement and adventure, but most of all she yearns to regain her powers and understand her dark urges.

The answer arrives in the form of a mysterious fortune teller whose prophecy and presence threaten to destroy everyone Laha cares about including the Lamorian Prince Emberto. Despite this she is drawn to the fortune teller and the woman’s offer to help her realise the full potential of her powers…if she’s willing to embrace her darkness.

Laha’s choices lead to discoveries about her own identity and her friends being caught up in a deadly showdown between the most powerful of all Kengians – the Firemasters.