Believe in Me

He's got fame... She's got nothing.
Pages: 188
Contemporary Romance


Jett Adams is the fastest sixteen-year-old dirt bike racer in the state. He’s got girls, fame, and the love of every single person in this stupid small town.

And I can’t stand him.

I’m still dealing with the fact that my mom has left me here for the summer — straight up abandoned me in the middle of Texas, and now her friends want Jett to hang out with me? To show me around town? To pretend to be my friend?

Yeah, no thanks.

I’m doing a pretty good job of avoiding him until, well, I can’t avoid him anymore. He’s everywhere. All this time together has me thinking that maybe there’s a little more to Jett Adams than the cocky, annoying, incredibly hot dirt bike prodigy.

Everyone in my life has always let me down. But Jett says he won’t. He asks me to believe him.

Should I risk putting my heart on the line? Or should I only believe in myself?