No matter how fast you run, the past will always catch you…
Genre: Library | Thriller
Series: Adrian Hell
Pages: 370
Assassination | Crime Action Fiction


Two years have passed since the heartbreaking events in Thicker Than Blood, and Adrian has started a new life in Tokyo. Semi-retired and working low-level contracts to keep busy, he has finally found some semblance of peace.

One bullet can change everything…

When a twist of fate puts Adrian in the crosshairs of a Yakuza family, he’s forced to once again do what he does best to protect those closest to him. But he will soon realize that every action has consequences.

It’s the shot you don’t see coming that hurts the most…

A ghost from Adrian’s past is lurking in the shadows. As this spectre of vengeance emerges, he is forced to confront enemies both old and new. It’s a battle he wasn’t prepared for. It’s a war he cannot win.