She can pay with her life … or she can pay with her crimes.
Genre: Library | Thriller
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 309
Crime Thriller | Suspense


Alison Tanner thought she was living her best life. Her husband’s seven-figure consulting business earned them entry into the country club crowd and paid for her gifted daughter’s tuition at the best private school in the area. She lives in a gorgeous house, drives an expensive car, and she could afford designer clothes, if she cared about fashion at all.

But when her husband, Tom, is killed in a gang-related shooting, it all comes crashing down. Tom’s consulting agency was just a front for his real business: keeping their wealthy neighbors supplied with cocaine, oxycontin, and every other illegal drug money can buy. Tom died owing the local drug lord a lot of money — and now Alison’s on the hook.

Worse, unscrupulous DEA Agent Banks wants her to be his informant in a sting operation and doesn’t care if she survives, as long as he gets his man.

Desperate to protect her daughter from both a vengeful mother-in-law who wants custody and a drug lord who wants her daughter to work off Tom’s debts in the streets, Alison agrees to go undercover, wearing a wire as she sells drugs to her snobby neighbors and learns more about the drug lord’s operation.

If she ever gets out of this, she vows she’ll take her daughter and disappear forever — but her chances of surviving are getting worse by the minute. Does she have a shot at ever living a normal life again, or is everything blown?

Blown is an intense new stand-alone crime thriller from Nolon King, author of Pretty Killer12, and the No Justiceseries. Fans of Ozark and Weeds will love Blown. Get your copy today.