Bound By A Bitter Secret

To achieve what she dreamed of, she must fight...
Genre: Library | Romance
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 464
Historical Romance | western Romance


Growing up, Julia has always longed for a great love story to brighten her soul. Her dream comes unexpectedly to reality, the moment she hears from a handsome rancher, Roman, and decides to go west. However, upon her arrival, she discovers that a long-standing feud has been haunting her husband’s family. When a dark secret about her unknown identity is revealed in a letter, how will her relationship with Roman be affected? Will she have the strength to determine her fate?

To achieve what she dreamed of, she must fight…

Roman Buckley is a kindhearted rancher, eager to create his own happiness, away from his family’s troubles. When his correspondence with Julia ends in a marriage, he is devastated by his family’s hostile behavior towards her, because of her resemblance to their rivals. Even though he does everything in his power to protect her from them, Julia’s disappointment will cause her to take cautious measures against him…

When the truth comes to light, how will Roman react to the crushing news that threatens to destroy his only chance at love?

Roman and Julia will find their lives entangled, as they fight to hold onto what they have left. If they are to beat the odds and uncover secrets that have plagued their lives, they will have to face the close-mindedness of their families. Unless they act quickly, their love could end in tragedy… Could love triumph over the deep-rooted suspicions?