I’ve always been an outcast. Somehow, I became an outlaw, too…
Pages: 452
Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery | Western


When the Salt-Iron Confederation threatens my family, I flee, finding refuge in a town of outlaws who unexpectedly welcome me with open arms, offering a sense of belonging and a chance to be part of their community.

Yet, danger looms. A mysterious saboteur endangers our home, and my status as a Breaker mage places me at the heart of the conflict. With the town’s future in my hands, I must find the courage to master my volatile magic and stand up for those I care for.

Luckily, I’m not alone. A stubborn outlaw and a loyal pegasus join me in facing the odds to protect what we hold dear. The only problem? While we know the Confederation is out for blood, we can’t predict their next move.

Together, we’ll face any challenge. In this town, I’ve discovered a home, my purpose, and a family that accepts me for who I am. I won’t let them down.