By Vengeance Guided

Love or Duty? Sometimes saving one means sacrificing the other...
Genre: Fantasy | Romance
Pages: 243
Coming of Age | Romantic Fantasy


Lia’s family has protected the ancient magic hidden of Hara Dale for millennia. Now, in the first months of her rule, politics and intrigue threaten to reveal her secrets and drag her tiny kingdom to the brink of war.

Lia will do whatever it takes to keep that from happening.

For seven years, Lord Caerwyn’s quest for vengeance was thwarted time and time again. Traveling in disguise, his search leads him to Hara Dale and the rumors of its strange magic. Before long, Caer is sure exposing the kingdom’s mysteries will lead him to the sorcerer responsible for the murder of his parents.

Nothing will stop Caer from avenging their deaths and ending the ever-present danger to his family.

Until an unexpected spell binds them together, forcing Lia and Caer to unravel the lies between them and learn to trust each other.

When a greater threat strikes close to home, their only choice is to confront the dark magic menacing everything they’re sworn to protect. Even if it means sacrificing the connection growing between them.

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