Cakes to Die For

Take a trip to Compass Cove, an enchanted town full of magic and mayhem…
Genre: Library | Mystery
Pages: 213
Cozy Mystery


Zora Wick is at the end of her tether. After a lifetime of bad luck, it seems she’s ended up at rock bottom, saddled with debt from her cheating ex, a dead-end job with no prospects and a studio apartment that’s not even fit for a dog. It all seems a little hopeless until there’s a knock at the door…

It turns out Zora has long-lost family on the other side of the country, hidden away in a little town on an unknown island. After uprooting herself Zora arrives in town to find that not only has she inherited an estranged family, she’s also the sole heir of the town’s local bakery—there’s one other thing too, apparently she’s a witch.

With a whole world of magic to learn and a small business to run it seems like Zora’s hands are more than full, but when some new evidence comes to light and casts doubts on the nature of her aunt’s death, Zora is quickly drawn into solving a murder mystery.

At her side is a sarcastic cat, headstrong cousins, and a whole host of townsfolk who are nothing short of interesting. Can Zora learn to bake, catch a killer and settle into her new life without ending up on the chopping block herself?