Chasing Sorcery

Your friends have been betrayed; your home is about to be invaded; and your only hope lies with strangers. Dare you trust them?
Pages: 472
Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


As Ruari MacBeth hunts his betrayers, stumbling across an enemy war-mage catapults his dangers to a whole new level. But there’s not just one! There are nine DeAine mages wanting their old conquests back, and Ruari isn’t the only one they’re hunting. Cwen and Alaiz have lost the men they love but aren’t about to give up without a fight; Matti is battling to protect the life of a small boy; and knight Maelbrigt is frantic to protect his lover and her secret from them.
With the depths of the dangers facing each of them escalating, alone they cannot win. They must seek out one another and unite or none of them will survive.