Corpse in the Crystal Ball

What Psychic Sunshine Meadows doesn't see can, and almost certainly will, hurt her...
Pages: 308
Cozy Mystery


Now that she’s cleared her name from wrongful allegations of murder, Sunny is looking to truly enjoy the serenity the idyllic town of Divinity, New York has to offer. She also wouldn’t mind a second chance with the detective that made those allegations, Mitch Stone.

Too bad fate has other plans and Mitch’s drop-dead gorgeous ex-girlfriend, Isabel Gonzales, shows up and gets in the way…only to disappear soon after. Now the police are looking to Sunny for help and her visions bring to light another slight snag in her plans—Isabel’s body with a message in the dirt implicating Mitch in her murder.

Can Sunny help the man she’s falling for by finding the real killer before anyone else falls for the murderer’s tricks?