Could Have Been Us

It’s all fun and games until my best friend starts dating someone who isn’t me.
Genre: Library | Romance
Pages: 266
Romantic Comedy | Small Town


This story starts when my best friend, Tanner, takes “having a girlfriend” to “completely ignoring me” fast enough to give me whiplash.

Making matters worse while I’m recovering from said whiplash, some guy in leather ruins my life—by stealing my parking spot in front of my favorite bookstore.

Making matters unbelievable, Leather Motorcycle Man is the new editor where I work, my new boss, and the only thing now standing between me and being able to publish my book.

Talk about bad luck.

I hate him; he can’t stand me; my sister won’t stop believing this is our Enemies to Lovers, Sweet and Sassy, Small-town Romance, seventy thousand words, confirmed HEA.

Trust me, I loathe saying it, but…if this guy keeps sneaking himself into the heart Tanner is vacating, my sister might just be right.

Cyprian Douglas—affectionately, Shiane—makes me want more than seventy thousand words. If he can promise me a never-ending series, I might forgive him for taking my parking spot.

If he can’t?

I’ll never forgive him for taking my heart…

Could Have Been Us is a laugh-out-loud, banter-filled, closed-door romcom with two grumpy leads, tension-filled flirting, and a happily ever after that meets all genre expectations.