Crystalline Space

"Do-overs" are possible.
Series: Dark Stars
Pages: 313
Aliens | Time Travel


Elle was just a normal teenager enjoying her summer vacation when everything changes. After an emergency planetwide ‘reset’ on her homeworld, she instead awakens on a spaceship and is told that the fate of known civilization is in her hands.

A mysterious Darkness has infected the crystalline network connecting the settled works. The unique properties of the crystals allow reality to be ‘reset’ to past moments in time, granting second chances. However, the Darkness isn’t only threatening the reset process—it’s consuming entire planets.

Paired with a diverse team of magically enhanced companions, Elle embarks on an interstellar quest to protect the Hegemony by sealing the Master Archive, the backup for the crystalline network. With only vague clues to guide them, Elle and her new friends must track down ancient relics and unravel hidden secrets before their worlds and loved are lost in shadow forever.

Crystalline Space offers a fun blend of sci-fi and fantasy adventure with a sleek high-tech skin on traditional magic, perfect for fans of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Xenosaga. Begin reading the complete, award-finalist Dark Stars trilogy today and be transported to a universe where second chances are real!