The right song will get them home. The wrong song will get them killed…
Pages: 688
futuristic romance | Sword & Sorcery


When guitarist Robin Wood of the rock band Sun hears a strange melody in a café in New York City, little does he know that within hours he will be catapulted into a medieval world where music has magical powers and he and his bandmates are mistaken for outlawed sorcerers.

His four mates are arrested, but Robin escapes with the help of a beautiful, mysterious woman who offers him aid—provided he will use his magical abilities to serve her people, who have been oppressed for centuries. If he will undertake an archaic ritual that will enable her to draw on his dangerous, magical power—a power he insists he does not have—she will help free his friends and return him to his world.

As Robin is increasingly caught up in the political and moral implications of his decision, he comes to understand just how dangerous music is in this world, and just how little he can trust the sorceress he is falling for. Will she help him and his bandmates to return to Earth, or is she simply using him to achieve her ends?