Dark Star

It's the mid-4500s
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 354
Dystopian | Galactic Empire | Space Exploration


The Emperor has declared Himself a god and outlawed all other faiths as heretical. As the new Church of the Emperor flexes its power, the Empire teeters on the brink of religious civil war. Yet what does the already omnipotent ruler have to gain? And can anything be done about it?

The first sparks of the war leave the people of Ordin starving. With his cargo hold full of grain, Captain Torran is coerced into risking a jump across a wide gulf of empty interstellar space to save months of precious time.

A freak accident leads to the discovery of an ancient alien secret that could galvanize resistance against the Emperor, yet perhaps destabilise all of human civilisation as well. But is it even true? Only the Emperor himself would know.