Daughter of Shadow

A sorceress with dark magic who's a threat to the kingdom. Three powerful men from the royal courts sworn to protect her. And a pet dragon with a secret.
Pages: 200
Fairy Tales | Romantic Fantasy


The dragons are dead, the Ebon Queen has destroyed the elven realms, and the courts are at war. The queen’s dark magic grows in strength, and the kingdom is losing the battle against her. Three men are sent from the Silvercrest Court stronghold to seek others to aid their cause.

Leander, an eminent and domineering High Lord.
Rohan, a fierce and seductive Knight of the Realm.
Galen, a deceptively gentle and passionate High Elf.

Their task: recruit the most potent magic users from the shire towns and train them to join the crusade against the Ebon Queen.

They never expected to find a daughter of shadow.

Calla’s time working at the apothecary ends abruptly. On the day the town tests her magic skills, Calla’s shadowmancy is revealed—a school of magic banned throughout the kingdom. A shocked Calla faces a death sentence, but a mysterious man smuggles her from town.

With no other choice, Calla must journey to the stronghold with the three strange men. As they fight their way through enemy territory, the men discover that Calla’s power is more dangerous than they realised—and so is the bond this creates between them all.

Meanwhile, the Ebon Queen continues to ravage the human and elven lands as her shadow and decay move through the kingdom. And she’s looking for Calla.