Helpless, hopeless, and desperate When three hot guys find her. They look like trouble. Spartan warriors ARE trouble If you are not on their side. Luckily for Lauren They want her And love her And need her.
Genre: Romance
Pages: 220
Historical Romance


If Greek gods become a twenty-first-century biker gang, they might look like the guys Lauren met in the woods.
They used to be called Casper, Grēgorios, and Alexander, or something like that, but nowadays they’re called Jasper, Greg, and Zander.
These names are more modern. The immortal Spartan warriors try to keep with the times.
These days we’d call them pansexual and polyamorous, but the guys just love the people they love without overthinking these things.
They are exclusive and extremely loyal, and that is what matters.

They are also extremely gorgeous.
Jasper has honey-blond hair, and the word ‘sacrifice’ tattooed across his chest, and more ink lower down. Greg is the one with the pierced nipples, and Zander has his metal jewelry lower down.
If Lauren decides to live with them, she’ll train in essential Spartan skills otherwise known as the three Fs. At least, that’s what she calls them: fighting, farming, and f******.

Somewhere near you, another band of immortal Spartan warriors is defending your world against monsters from other dimensions.