Delphus Paradox

A broken ship. No way to get home. A species of hive warriors wants them for food.
Series: End of Earth
Pages: 195
Colonization | First Contact | Genetic Engineering


With their ship damaged by intense battle, they land on a distant, uninhabited planet and discover a single, ancient artifact – a ringed fortress of unknown purpose buried deep inside a mountain.

Inside the fortress, they discover what may be a portal to a new world – too good to be believed.

On their side of the portal the planet is lifeless, barren, rocky, with howling winds and tremendous lightning storms.

On the other side of the portal is a gorgeous, lush, forested world that appears to make humans younger, stronger.

The alien beasts find them on the barren planet and pursue them at every turn, hunting them as food.

A damaged ship that cannot fly, no food, no water and no salvation, where can they go? The humans must choose a final stand and make a desperate choice.