The scion of Tingu. The daughter of the deva'shi. Together they will either reunite Tingu and Parthalan, or tear them apart.
Genre: Fantasy | Romance
Pages: 406
Epic Fantasy | Romantic Fantasy


Leran has not had a simple life. Abandoned by his mother as soon as he was weaned, he was raised by his father Lormac, the legendary Lord of Tingu, until his untimely death during the Battle for Teg’urnan. That left Leran’s sole surviving family as his father’s mate, Asherah, his second mother whom he loved more than the woman who bore him.

For the good of Tingu, Leran kept Asherah at arm’s length. He needed to prove himself as a worthy successor of his father, and the only way he knew how was on the battlefield… and he needed to do it alone. When he’s invited to a mating ceremony in Thurnda he almost declines, but to do so would show weakness. Therefore, Leran arrives at the frivolous event—and learns things that shock both his mind and his heart.

It’s not easy being the daughter of famous parents, and a second daughter at that. All of Ember’s life has been lived in her family’s long shadow, and she sees their journey to Thurnda as a way to finally be herself. She wasn’t expecting to meet long lost family members, or face down a horde of orcs with little more than a borrowed sword. She definitely wasn’t expecting to meet anyone like Leran.

And as for Asherah, Queen of Parthalan and Lady of Tingu, she finally regained her memory. She almost wished she hadn’t.