Enemy Ally

Discover a thrilling space opera adventure filled with unexpected alliances, dangerous secrets, and an unstoppable female heroine in "Enemy Ally," the captivating third standalone story in Mike Waller's Echo's Way series.
Series: Echo's Way
Pages: 269
Alien Invasion | Space Opera


In a war-torn future, Echo Bourke, a newly graduated member of Fleet’s Special Services rescue squad, yearns to prove herself. Little does she know that her first mission could also be her last. As humanity battles the Tolleani, an insidious biological weapon threatens to annihilate the Federation. Trapped in enemy territory, a group of captive scientists holds the key to a potential solution.

Echo is dispatched to Persephone, a treacherous moon cloaked in perpetual rain and teeming with deadly life forms. Amidst this hostile environment, a monumental secret lurks, waiting to be uncovered. However, the mission quickly unravels, revealing that the greatest threat to success lies within Echo’s own squad, not the enemy. To make matters worse, she discovers that Barbus Koll, the alien responsible for the destruction of her family, also resides on this perilous world.

Consumed by a desire for revenge, Echo must confront her inner demons while forging unlikely alliances in a desperate attempt to salvage the mission. But can she trust her newfound companion? Is she capable of completing the mission alone without sacrificing her life?