Engaging the Office Enemy

I hate fakers—and Dax Nyhart is as fake as they come.
Genre: Romance
Pages: 280
Romantic Comedy | Sweet Romance


I also hate to lose. My nemesis has been stealing all the best clients for the last year at the marketing firm where we both work—and not because he’s better than me. Because 1) his uncle is the boss and 2) he kisses up to people.

And I’m sick of it.
So when he asks me to fake an engagement so he can land another job—far away from me—I agree. It’s only one dinner, right? Yeah, sure.

One dinner turns into an entire Caribbean cruise.
But I’ll do anything to get rid of this pain in my backside. Even pretend to like Dax. Or love him, as it were. Even hold his hand, laugh with him.

I might even … ugh … kiss him.
Except, it’s not so “ugh” after all. That’s when I start to discover that maybe there’s more to Dax Nyhart than meets the eye.

The problem? I have no idea what’s fake and what’s real anymore. I’m afraid this game we’re playing might leave me losing more than just clients to Dax.

And this loss might be the most painful of all.