Eve of Snows

Prophecy promises a new golden age... Prophecy lies.
Pages: 593
Dragons | Mythical Creatures | Sword & Sorcery


In seventeen days, the stars will align, and a religious cabal will summon the gods back to the mortal realms. In the northern tundra, priests search the Steaming Lakes, a place tormented by the Wakened Dead. Deep in the mountains, demonic shadows assail priests at a holy shrine. In the south, the clans know something foul is afoot and send warriors to seek answers, but they find horrors.

A young priestess named Eliles stands in the heart of this conspiracy, bearing witness to the corruption of the holy. She knows there is wisdom in flight, but every step she takes plunges her deeper. Every step leads to agony and death. Every step leads to an ancient evil unleashed. But in every step, there lies hope…

A book full of lies may have known her truth all along.