All-consuming darkness threatens the world of Lycoris and its people. Can one man chosen by the gods save it from certain doom or will he lose everything he holds dear?
Series: and Wood | Bone | Stone
Pages: 223
Coming of Age | Epic Fantasy


Nox is a scrounger from the dredges of society, picking through ancient ruins to earn a meager living. In a moment of desperation to save his ailing mother, he visits the Hollow, a dangerous labyrinth of ruins deep underground that holds ancient secrets. After a series of strange dreams and discovering a platinum cylinder covered in illegible markings, he’s chased off the edge of a ravine by undead monsters, plummeting to his doom.

To his surprise, he survives the fall and must now make his way out of the Hollow and home to his family. Just when all seems to be lost, the mysterious cylinder he discovered transforms into a magical fox and saves his life. There’s only one problem, magic is illegal and punishable by death and Nox needs to go home.

Can Nox make it home in time to save his mother and will he be able to avoid a death sentence from the king’s lackeys?