Find Me

An ocean and a curse stand between them, and in fairy tales, there is always a cruel price to pay. What will it cost her to cross the distance?
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 409
Mythical Creatures | Romantic Mystery


Seventeen-year-old Skye Sebastian knows that love hurts; her broken father is a constant reminder. And she doesn’t believe in happy ever after. But when she returns to the seaside village where her mother drowned, she meets Hunter, a mysterious, compelling swimmer who never seems to leave the water. Beautiful and mesmerizing, he is like no one she has ever known.

But Hunter is cursed. And Skye shouldn’t be able to see him at all.

Does Hunter hide the answer to her mother’s death? And what IS he, really? Skye will risk everything to find out, but the truth might cost her more than she bargained for. As she uncovers his secrets and learns of his cursed clan, the danger grows. It might already be too late for her. Because once you’re in too deep, there is no going back.