Finding Home

Everett Stansi had gotten all of his dreams except one. Now that Ava Pearson was divorced maybe he’d have a chance at that dream too.
Genre: Library | Romance
Pages: 180
Contemporary Romance | inspiration


A treasure worth having is a treasure worth fighting for.

Nothing moves gossip quicker than a good-looking man taking up with a discarded gem.
That’s what Ava’s friends call her, a true gem. But Ava can’t see how that’s true when
her marriage of twenty years ends. She’s not finding much to shine about these days.
Until she finds friendship with a man who really sees her…Everett.

But as their relationship grows, so do the tales. Gossip is fierce around here.
And their careers and reputations hang on what those gossipers say. Will the tale-tellers
find gold in their story, or trash?

Everett is the only man in Treasure, California, who can see the gem she truly is.