Will a spark of revenge turn into a deadly inferno?
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 310
Crime Action Fiction | Crime Thriller


Shattered by his brother’s brutal murder, resourceful California convict Mason “Mace” Jones joins an inmate firefighting crew to exact revenge on the man who got away with it. Mace will make him pay, even if it costs his own life. Danger mounts as he takes on monstrous blazes, crooked correctional officers, and hired killers. But when Mace meets a daring female firefighter, he can’t help but dream of a life beyond his plan. As he fights to protect a town threatened by a deadly wildfire, he is forced to confront the equally destructive flames that burn within. Can Mace survive the crucible of the fireline?

Anthony DeCapite’s riveting debut packs a serious punch, plunging the reader into an action-packed world where prisoners work alongside heroes. This gripping story combines suspense, romance, and gritty realism in a thriller that breathlessly explores the cost of vengeance and the depths of brotherhood.