In Anguis, magic Is forbidden.
Pages: 418
Sword & Sorcery


Deep in a magical forest lives the sleepy village of Anguis, where dragons are the rulers and witches are the Servants.

Seventeen-year-old twins Sanna and Isadora Spence must soon face the Selectis—the moment when a dragon chooses them. For Sanna, the Selectis can’t happen soon enough. For Isadora, she’d rather die.

When unexpected events at the Selectis turn their world around, Sanna and Isadora are each forced to make a decision. Each sister will choose the wrong path, and each sister will suffer for it.

Can they come back together to save their family in time from far more nefarious foes than they’d known existed?

Or will the simmering tension in the dragon village finally crack and go up in a burst of flame?