A missing king. An ancient monster. One son must rise up to save their planet.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 533
Epic Fantasy


Planet K’Tara, 5000 AD. High Prince Aithen thought he had years of freedom before he’d have to take the throne. But when his father fails to return from a secret mission, the prince must learn the ropes quickly before a long-forgotten creature destroys the kingdom. And that terrifying monster is just a harbinger of what’s to come…

While his younger brother searches for the missing king, Aithen must move his people to safety and prepare for battle. As he uncovers the truth of things, the prince fears he may have to go to war with a god himself, and with the help of the mystical Elyana–a member of the Sisterhood of Light–he works to gather answers before the enemy strikes again. If he fails, death will meet him, those he loves, and his people…