Flight to the Finish
Series: Stand Alone
Mythical Creatures | Sword & Sorcery


As a young woman living in a war-torn world, Feruna turns her back on her family and everything she knows about her supposed enemies to live her dream of being an aerial racer. Taking up residence as a trainee on the neutral Fourwinds Isle, her career takes off to a rocky start when she has to corral a group of aggressively different teammates as they learn the ins and outs of the Island’s unique set of rules. Things seem to fall into place when she finally takes to the skies astride her new dragon mount, but will she be able to sufficiently bond with such a ferocious creature? Or will things fall apart as she continues to buckle under the mounting stress from her team, along with uncovering a sinister plot they that may threaten the future of the islands and the races she holds so dear?