Freaky Spencer

When a trans-dimensional portal opened behind my fridge, I knew the day would suck.
Pages: 259
Humorous Fantasy | Urban Fantasy


Strange things appeared in my grubby kitchen, then Beelzebub summoned me by setting my arm alight. When a devil comes calling you have no choice but to do his bidding, especially when bound by a tattoo direct from Hell.

A bounty is given, no option to refuse. Mimi’s the mark, famed owner of two magical panthers and a right handful. Still, this was my chance at freedom, so what choice did I have?

As always, it wasn’t that simple. Other forces were at work, and I’d had a gutsful of being Hell’s puppet. I just had to figure out a plan. One that didn’t just involve tearing off my sunglasses and incinerating everything in sight with a glance.

Some call me Spencer, others call me Freaky. And I am not a Normal.