Frozen Stiff

In a chilling game of cat and mouse, the hunter becomes the hunted.
Genre: Library | Thriller
Pages: 262
serial killers


Two corpses are discovered, grotesquely mutilated and frozen solid. It’s clear that a ruthless killer is on the loose, and it’s only a matter of time before they strike again.


With no leads and no clues, the local PD is left floundering, forcing them to call in the big guns – the FBI.

Enter Chase Adams. An FBI recruit with a background as a Narcotics Officer in Seattle and a NYPD Detective, Chase’s unique insights into the warped minds of killers make her a valuable asset. But as she dives into this chilling case, even Chase, seasoned as she is, finds herself tested to her limits.


When the bodies of a third and fourth victim are discovered across the country, Chase realizes she’s not just on the trail of a killer, but a monster whose murderous spree knows no boundaries.

What kind of creature could commit such horrific crimes? And why?

As she edges closer to the truth, Chase must confront a terrifying possibility – she’s not just hunting the killer; the killer is hunting her.

And her family.