Galactic Terror

They say you can’t run from your past, and now she’s reached the other side of the galaxy, Sparks wonders if they’re right
Pages: 320
Galactic Empire | Space Opera


Living on a distant planet with a transient population for the past year, ducking in and out of spaceport dive bars, mixing with pirates, bounty hunters, and criminals, she’s become just another being in the crowd.

But she wasn’t born to eke out a living at the very fringes of society. Not with her powers.

So when a stranger makes her a tempting offer …

An adventure she’s been desperate to have …

She wonders if now’s the right time for her to step from the shadows?

To return to the planet-hopping, high-risk thrill-ride that used to be her life.

To take back control.

And if the next few months end up looking like the past twelve, then it’s not like she has anything to lose.