Haliden’s Fire

A magical firestorm. A race against time. Can one man save himself and the history of his people before the fire devours everything in its path?
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 315
Arthurian Fantasy | Dark Fantasy


Haliden Stroke, the famous painter of Alimane, had it all: recognition, wealth, a dream home nestled in the quiet countryside. But his obsession with work eventually cost him the only thing that truly mattered to him: his wife, Milane.And now, as the deadly wall of fire known as the Breath slowly burns its way across the land for the first time in four hundred years, Haliden gives up everything for one last chance to make amends.But leagues of chaos and danger stand between him and his love. Fire worshippers and thieves plague the land, preying on those fleeing toward the refuge known as the Block – a massive, granite wall built hundreds of years earlier to protect the wealthiest from the Breath. The very same place where Haliden’s Milane has taken up with her new love.Haliden must now race against the very fires of hell in the hopes of rekindling the love waiting for him at the end of the world.