How to Snag a Shifter

I just found out my destiny is linked to a clueless shifter. Now what?
Pages: 156
Shifters | Werewolf | Witches


Thanks to my loser dad divorcing my mother, a high priestess, I’m forced to move from Brooklyn, New York to Los Angeles. That means I’m starting a new high school in my senior year. Fabulous. As if that’s not enough to handle, I find myself facing a major distraction—a super hot werewolf that can’t keep his paws off me.

While I summon my fledgling magic to win over the shifter, I find out she’s doesn’t even know she’s part of the paranormal world. Then I learn her friendship comes at a steep price—the shifter has a scary enemy who wants her dead.

Will my rookie witch powers be enough to save my new friends life?