Immortal Sacrifice

The enemy desires her. A dragon protects her. She just wants to be left alone.
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 438
Dark Fantasy | Epic Fantasy


Zamara Morgiathan, a paranoid and reckless queen, loses the only family she has left when her sister is abducted. If she has any hope of getting her back, she must ally with a long time enemy from across the sea.

Sideon Tyrnak, a handsome and irritating pirate king, will stop at nothing to claim what is his, even if it means murder.

Together, they must journey south, to magical ruins no mortal has ventured to for centuries, and acquire an amulet that will give her the power to defeat her sister’s captor.

Will Zamara find a way to save her sister, or will the enemy bring her to her knees?

CONTENT WARNING: This novel is adult epic fantasy with an enemies to lovers trope. It has limited curse words, sex, blood, violence, and situations that some might find triggering.