In Nadir’s Shadow

After a thousand years of war, the human Commonwealth reels under the renewed assault of the alien floaters. As humanity faces extinction, two men embark on divergent bids for peace...
Pages: 337
Galactic Empire | Space Fleet | Space Opera


Commander Miron and the crew of the Tenacious travel to the Commonwealth’s birthplace and the site of its greatest crime, the planet Nadir, to retrieve an ancient prize that might persuade the enemy to halt their attack. Lab-born analyst Khariton learns he was bred for an unthinkable task: negotiate peace with the hated enemy. To do so, he must understand the cost of war, a lesson that takes him on a journey that will ultimately decide the fate of three civilizations.

The Tenacious hurtles towards a deadly confrontation at Nadir, where the Kith of the jungle face an invasion by strangers from beyond the sea. Twins Azial and Seruya believe they are destined to defeat this new enemy, an alliance complicated by Seruya’s banishment. To unite the tribes, Azial fights old rivalries and the legacy of his own blood, when a tragic mistake by his son threatens to turn one of his supporters into a bitter enemy. Seruya’s path leads her to the birthplace of the Kith’s oldest enemy, where she uncovers a secret that will change them all forever.

Meanwhile, on the Commonwealth’s homeworld of Marshal, Shura has hidden her son’s mysterious defects from the government for seven years, afraid she’ll lose him as she lost her other children to war. When her only ally is arrested, she makes a desperate gamble for freedom, and discovers her son’s secret holds far more weight than she ever suspected…