Vengeance has returned to battle their old foe!
Pages: 234
Colonization | Space Fleet | Space Marine


When a stable wormhole opens in Sol-controlled space, Vengeance and her crew wake from stasis to deal with the new threat.

Admiral Stansfield needs a team to investigate. The SBS has plenty of skilled operatives, but only Marine X is old enough to use the antiquated equipment they’ll need to complete the mission.

Redeployed from half a galaxy away, Ten just wants to get back to fighting the Deathless. He has unfinished business.

Stansfield is no fan of penal Marines, and Ten is pretty sure he’s hiding the truth about their mission. His teammates Conway, Kearney, Mason and Davies are still smarting over the loss of a comrade and aren’t welcoming either.

Can this ragtag squad unite to complete the mission at hand and save Earth from a conflict that could make the Deathless War look like a minor skirmish?