Katana of Trust

Escaping death by her father's hand was only the beginning....
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 211
Coming of Age | Fairy Tales


Determined to prove herself to the gods, Shou will do anything to forget the journey that brought her to the island of the kami. Now is her time to rise up and take her place as the chosen one of the prophecy.

But when enemies try to destroy Shou, another human saves her. She’s shocked that he bears the same mark as she. Suddenly, Shou questions everything about her history.

Teaming up with Masaru, heir to the Date clan, is her only option to uncover the truth and save herself from death. As Masaru and Shou grow closer, one thing is certain: they’ve been wrong about the prophecy all along. Horribly wrong.

Will Shou fight for her place among the kami or forge a path of her own?