Knight Chosen

In a Cosmos-wide war between merciless celestials, humans are as expendable as pawns. Until the Knights Corporealis, warriors among the people of the five realms, seize the celestials’ weapons and fight back.
Pages: 416
Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


Vinnr is a realm of three kingdoms, one of five realms of the Great Cosmos. The peace between the kingdoms is stable but fragile, and the Knights Corporealis keep their distance from the fickle and divided commoners. After all, their oaths were sworn to celestials, not to people.

But certain doom has come. A corrupt celestial arrives with a singular focus: to conquer the people of Vinnr and spread his dominion throughout the five realms. As the battle to save Vinnr commences, the Knights quickly find that their fight is not only for their own realm—but for the Cosmos itself.

Embittered and weary of endless battle, Ulfric Aldinhuus, leader of the Knights, finds his faith failing. Ready for the challenge and eager to prove herself, Mylla Evernal, youngest of the Knights, takes up her sword readily and without a thought for her own life. And Jaemus Bardgrim, a peaceful foreigner from another realm caught unexpectedly in the midst of the chaos, just wants to know what in all the worlds is going on.

But surrender is not in Ulfric and the Knights and with catastrophe nearly at hand, Ulfric is sure of one thing… a sword will never lose its faith in the fight, even if he has.