Logical Magic

Sophia is learning everything she thought she knew is a lie.
Pages: 316
Contemporary fiction | Urban Fantasy


Not only is magic real, she’s a powerful Mage. Her powers have been bound since birth, but the Mage suppressing them passed away and now her magic has been unleashed. As everything she thought she knew begins to unravel, she realizes her life will never be the same, no matter how much she wishes she could go back and unlearn the truth of her magic power… or the jeopardy her life is now in…

Because if she’s found, she’ll be imprisoned or worse.

Logan never asked to be a protector, but he wasn’t given a choice.

With the Archimage’s powers suddenly free, he is duty-bound to protect her at all costs. With his whole life derailed and his own painful past getting in his way, he’s not up to the task of protecting her. And when she develops feelings for him, things only get more complicated. He’ll never forgive himself if he loses her…